In the News: Amazon, Prius, Olympus and more


In the News

Amazon gets ready to move on Apple in mobile ad space.

BP is investigated on estimates of Gulf leak.

Dewey & Leboeuf bankruptcy marks biggest collapse of a law firm in U.S. history.

Facebook stock performance creates more turmoil as site is reportedly ready to pay $1B for Opera as mobile platform and is eyeing acquisition.

Ford aims to catch up production with hot U.S. demand.

GM wanted to change ad slots on Facebook.

Groupon looks to reimburse subscribers with unused deals. 

JPMorgan Chase faces probe in Japan as firm tries to offset trading loss.[more]

Lenovo hunts for acquisitions in Brazil.

Nestle and other CPGs repackage food and products for recessionary southern European markets.

Olympus former CEO settles lawsuit against company.

7-Eleven adapts to Indonesia.

Toyota Prius escapes niche to become global top three.

United sued by “million-miler.”

& America’s Big Tobacco brands lobby against California’s Prop. 29.