Product Placement Watch: Sandler’s “That’s My Boy” or “That’s My Bud”?


It’s no secret that Adam Sandler movies are product placement productions. We have noted the comedian’s mastery of the form numerous times on Brandchannel and even gave him one of our Brandcameo Product Placement Awards for his Dunkin’ Donuts inclusion in Jack & Jill.

But his latest film, That’s My Boy, is far and away his boldest brandstravaganza to date. One might even call it a revolution in Hollywood’s relationship with product placement, because Sandler has basically made a 114 minute long commercial for Budweiser.

To demonstrate just how unbelievably pervasive Budweiser is in Sandler’s new film, one need look no further than the trailer (top). Below, a few screenshots from the trailer to better capture the King of Beers Product Placement. (Warning: A few images potentially NSFW):[more]

And that is only from one trailer. (Spot the non-Bud exception in Vitimanwater, by the way?)

Driving home who’s his character’s real bud, Sandler wears a Budweiser t-shirt through much of the film:

But it seems that not everyone is so comfortable with Bud’s prominence in the film. On the official publicity photographs for That’s My Boy, the Budwesier labels have been removed:

Then there are the posters for the film. Clearly modeled on the silver-streaked blue Bud Light Tall Boy can, the posters feature a beer that appears to be called “Jacks.” No wonder Andy Samberg looks so uncomfortable.

Anheuser-Busch did not immediately return requests for comment, but we’re happy to add if one’s forthcoming.