Total Recall Viral Campaign Dangles Real Prizes: Branded Fantasy Experiences


If your fantasy is to experience a world in which the Schwarzenegger classic Total Recall was never remade, you’re out of luck. But if your fantasy is a little more pedestrian, the new Total Recall viral “Welcome to Rekall” may be of some help, complete with corporate tie-in sponsors for each experience. [more]

At the viral microsite, users are asked, “What’s your fantasy?” The options consist of a small handful of not all that outstanding possibilities. That’s because each fantasy is a real prize, with its own brand-sponsored contest.

The “Celebrity” fantasy experience is brought to users by Wonderwall, MSN’s celebrity gossip site. The “Millionaire” experience comes from Sony Rewards. “Rock Star” is tied into music service Pandora, and “Sports Anchor” is courtesy of ESPN. (A chance to be anyone or go anywhere in the world and a person would opt to be Chris Berman?) Meanwhile, living the “dream” of being a sports anchor is probably better than the Xbox-sponsored “fantasy” of being a “video gamer.”[more]

Additionally, the viral site has some background information about the technology of Rekall and an Easter egg with star Colin Ferrell that appears filmed exclusively for the promotion.

Oddly, the campaign that drives to the site is far more ambitious than the site itself. Blogs have been noting that posters promoting making fantasies real have been popping up all over the place. The problem is that the fantasies are reverse-engineered, so the sponsors were found first and then the fantasies arranged. Really, a sports anchor?

One nice touch to the campaign is the website. What with a “.org” domain and everything, Norekall is a spoof protest site against the practice’s serious side effects: “Are you considering a visit to Rekall?  Do you know what you’re risking? Rekall engages in a criminal propaganda campaign. They claim they can give you the life you’ve always wanted, but what they don’t disclose is that the Rekall experience comes at a perilous risk.”

Maybe the most confusing thing about and is that neither one links to the movie’s official site, WelcometoRecall, or even the film’s Facebook page, although links to Such is the nature of viral marketing.