No Bull: Red Bull Prevails Against Bullet Energy Drink Rival


A European beverage maker took on the folks at Red Bull and is now headed home with an empty glass and a sad story to tell.

Sun Mark produces an energy drink called Bullet that features the slogan “No bull in this can,” and that did not sit well with Austria’s 28-year-old Red Bull GMBH. After all, Red Bull produces a “Bullit” drink already. The pair locked horns legally and now Red Bull is walking away the victor after a hearing in a London High Court, according to the Independent.

The judge noted that consumers would likely be confused between the two products and the slogan took “unfair advantage of the repute of Red Bull,” the paper reports. (Bullet’s US website reads, “Move over Red Bull!”)[more]

In some goofier Red Bull news, AsiaOne reports that the company will be sponsoring an event in Southeast Asia “where 40 teams of wacky and creative pilots are expected to fly their man-made aircraft.” The lunacy will take place Oct. 28 and folks in Singapore residents will be given the chance to prove they can make working man-powered flying machines.

“We are also calling on Singapore to break the German world record for the longest flight of 69.79m and we think we are up to this task,” said a Red Bull spokesman, according to AsiaOne. “It will be a great day out for all Singaporeans to remember.” 

Just don’t name your plane Bullet, please.