ANA Social/Digital Marketer Survey: ‘Tangible’ ROI Quest Continues


While more than 70% of marketers are using new media platforms, 62% are increasingly concerned with the inability to prove ROI across these channels according to the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) 2012 Digital and Social Media Survey, conducted in April and May 2012 with 224 client-side marketers.

Use of online video (e.g., YouTube) increased from 64% last year to 80% in 2012, and since 2007, overall usage of social media and mobile marketing has grown significantly, with 90% and 74% of marketers using them, respectively.

Respondents’ preferred social/digital channels for consumer outreach:[more]

  • Facebook – 96%
  • Branded mobile apps – 70%
  • Twitter – 89%
  • QR codes – 67%
  • LinkedIn – 49%
  • Text ads – 53%
  • Pinterest – 33%
  • Non-video ads – 41%
  • Other – 14%
  • Video ads – 25%

“Marketers are rapidly learning what works best for their brands and they look to remain nimble and move to adopt new opportunities,” said Bob Liodice, president and CEO, ANA. “Platforms offering the most tangible ROI will be favored by marketers moving forward. It is imperative for the industry to standardize measurement practices for digital, social and mobile markets.”

Marketers continue to use web-based platforms including websites (95%), email marketing (91 %) and online advertising (89%) to reach customers.

Despite the growth in new media platform usage, concern over adequate metrics for the best balance of traditional and digital media remains paramount, and 53% of ANA respondents say there’s a dearth of understanding about digital in their organization.

Sixty percent of marketers surveyed are currently measuring the effectiveness / ROI of their social media efforts, and mobile marketing (70%) ranks highest in terms of marketers’ desire for measurement with just half of those surveyed as interested in online video marketing measurement.

About 9 out of 10 marketers do measure search engine marketing (paid keyword), compared to their website (89%), email marketing (88%) and online advertising (88%). Metrics such as the number of Facebook “likes” or Twitter “re-tweets” scored at the bottom of the list, with 30% and 39%, respectively, finding them effective.

According to 49% of marketers surveyed, the digital marketing / media team is responsible for all social media efforts and primary reasons for social media monitoring are: Brand integrity (29%), Insights / trends (26%), Customer service (18%), Corporate PR (16%).

Overall, 75% of respondents dedicate 1-3 people to this task, with 17% involved full time and 83% taking it on in addition to other responsibilities.


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