Samsung Destroys Apple in Latest Commercial


On a day that Apple claims its legal wrangling over patents with Samsung have cost the company $2.5 billion in damages, Samsung released this video in which an Apple MacBook appears to be the first laptop that is ripped to shreds. For Samsung, it’s part of its Rethink the Laptop campaign; for Apple, it’s just the latest irritant in an ongoing fight.

Samsung’s description of the “Tweet to Destroy: Samsung Series 9 #RethinkTheLaptop Trailer” promo stunt, in which rival laptops are shredded: “Starting July 25, 2012, you can help the new Samsung Series 9 literally destroy the competition. Tweet #rethinkthelaptop and visit to see your tweet do some serious damage.”

Apple filed papers ahead of the brands’ scheduled trial next week in San Jose, CA, that read in part, “Samsung cannot change the central fact that its products are strikingly similar to Apple’s patented designs. Nor can it change the novelty and extraordinary success of Apple’s designs. Samsung will instead attempt to confuse the issues with a hodgepodge of defenses based on incorrect legal standards. Samsung’s defenses will fail.” That was before Exhibit A, above.

Update: The video, pegged to a July 25th one-day Twitter stunt (#rethinkthelaptop) is no longer viewable on Samsung’s YouTube channel or on the website, YouTube or Vimeo channels of the agency that executed the stunt, Deeplocal, which helped design Nike’s tweet-fed Chalkbot. The website set up by Deeplocal was also taken down, while the hashtag trail shows that the stunt took place on July 25th as planned. At least one observer found the whole thing puzzling.


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