London 2012 Watch: Dora the Gymnast Gets Girls in the Games


That’s Team USA gymnast (and five-time Olympic medalist) Nastia Liukin, above, doing the splits with the special London 2012 Summer Olympics edition Dora the Explorer doll. Mattel’s Fisher-Price will sell the interactive Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll starting in August for $50. What makes the latest doll from the Nickelodeon hit series interactive? Consumers can download the free, Fantastic Gymnastics Dora augmented reality app on retail shelves or download from Apple’s App Store.[more]

David Beckham Photo-Bombs London Tourists for Adidas

Adidas is enjoying its last ride as an Olympics sponsor ahead of Friday’s Opening Ceremonies. This week it surprised random Brits showing their support for Team Great Britain at a photo booth with a surprise photobomb by soccer superstar David Beckham. The fact that he’s also stumping for worldwide Olympics sponsor Samsung (who could forget his version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy) didn’t seem to phase the brand or the fans.

Gillette Positioning Itself at Games

From pretty much any direction that you come to get to Olympic Park in London, you’ll be able to see some pretty massive ads from Gillette as part of its “Great Started” campaign including videos featuring “Team Gillette” athletes Tyson Gay, Ryan Lochte and Roger Federer. “Visible from miles around and particularly for the millions who will be in Stratford in the coming weeks … this is the largest single viewed advertising opportunity in the UK,” said Jared Regan, Gillette brand manager at P&G UK & Ireland, to Brand Republic.

Lego Salutes Team GB

For British kids who have likely been saturated with Olympics fever for months, if not years, now, Lego has released a series of Lego Team Great Britain minifigures to keep them reliving these Games for years to come. Along with them, of course, come a series of outdoor advertisements that are located in or near the competition venues. Some of them are digital ads that will change at venues depending on what sporting events are on the schedule that day.

Omega Watches 25th Olympics Sponsorship

Omega Watches may have been sponsoring Olympics before you were even born. London will mark its 25th sponsorship of the Games and to mark the event, the company has, of course, released an iPad app that shows off its history and product. The app contains a digital storybook that chronicles the technological changes that have occurred since the 1948 Games. “From a pure branding perspective, the association and history with such an important event definitely reinforces the expert technology and craftsmanship that the brand is known for,” said Scott Forshay, mobile and emerging technologies strategist for Acquity Group in Austin, TX, according to Luxury Daily.

Olympic Data Not Looking Good For Sponsors

Sponsors spend big dough to be involved with the Olympics and, in return, they get a lot of protection from Olympic organizers who don’t want any other advertisers stepping on the toes of those who have officially signed on. But Marketing Week notes that sponsors might do better for themselves if they spent their money somewhere else. The data the publication turned up shows that “Olympic associations are more often proving to be negative than positive.” For example, plenty of the attention that London has collected since it was named as the host city has been negative, and sponsors who are involved with the torch relay (Coca-Cola has been bringing musical acts to fans along the route) “have seen their overall brand perceptions going in the wrong direction.”

Team Chobani Brings Yolympics to New York 

Chobani, America’s top Greek yogurt maker, has opened a new flagship store (they’re calling it a Mediterranean yogurt bar) in Manhattan’s Soho area. A big hook for the timing: On Friday, Chobani will have its first athlete that it has sponsored taking part in the London’s Olympic Games — Lashinda Demus, who happens to be one of the fastest 400-meter hurdlers in the world. Chobani will also be one of the roster of NBC’s new advertisers for the coming Games.

Olympics Not Benefiting U.K. Retailers?

Folks pouring into London for the Olympics aren’t necessarily spreading their dollars around the way the varied types of tourists that generally enter the city do and so retailers are actually seeing a slowdown in consumption, according to Canada’s Globe and Mail. The hope was that the Games would help jumpstart an economy but so far that isn’t looking to be the case. Some businesses will get that boost such as a company that has the rights to cruise-line berths on the Thames and another that is supplying beds for security workers. Overall, though, it isn’t looking like London is about to have the boom time some predicted the Games would bring. 

The Dream Team Debate

Kobe Bryant ignited a passionate debate this summer when he claimed that the current U.S. men’s national basketball team headed to the Olympics could beat the 1992 Dream Team with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. The basketball-loving President Obama weighed in on the conversation recently and, without even bothering to have a beer summit, went ahead and sided with the old guys in his generation. Now Nielsen Research has found that the 1992 team overall had a much higher N-Score, which measures endorsement potential, and more Americans consider those guys to be “down to earth.” However, Americans polled think the current squad is more exciting than the 1992 version. In other words, this debate will still be playing out for years.

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