Cricket’s Muve Music Moves to The Next Beat on The CW


Four musical icons, Gloria Estefan, Joe Jonas, John Rich and Nelly, have 72 hours to turn average folks into superstars on The Next, The CW network’s newest music reality show. It’s premiering this Thursday with Queen Latifah on-board as a producer — and sponsorship by pre-paid mobile carrier Cricket’s Muve Music, marking its first branded entertainment TV partnership.

As a ‘challenger brand,’ Cricket is the seventh largest wireless telecommunications network in the U.S., serving seven million plus customers and differentiating its brand by relying on music and entertainment to stand out in the pre-paid space. This new partnership with The Next is the brand’s pre-emptive move as the turf battle for wireless customers heats up.[more]

All contestant studio-recorded singles will be available for download following the show on Cricket’s Muve Music digital music subscription service that offers unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones. Muve Music lets users browse lists curated by experts, search for favorites, and organize playlists according to personal preference via My Music.

If you’re looking for new song suggestions, My DJ, generates a list of choices, or press Shazam to identify and download a song heard on the radio or in club, then Get Social to share with friends online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Cricket became the first pre-paid carrier in the U.S. to offer the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S earlier this year, further breaking from the pack by eliminating the need to carry a phone and an .mp3 player and paying for phone service and song purchases.

“Muve Music from Cricket is a game changer for everyone. By tightly integrating the music service into the handset and the billing plan everyone in the value chain benefits and consumers have a complete music service where the phone is the hub not the PC,” says Ben Bajarin, Director of Consumer Technology Practice, Creative Strategies.

”Today, consumers are increasingly valuing the balance of having quality technology products while not over-spending on their purchases,” Jaime Vasquez, former VP of consumer marketing, commented at Muve Music’s launch last year.  “They may be tightening their purse strings, but they are still expecting the latest technology and ease of use, especially when it comes to communicating with family and friends.” 

Below, Nelly promotes the show in Chicago:


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