Bloomberg Brands New Pub to Go Inside Conventions


Making a play to scoop other news services in their on-site political coverage, Bloomberg is publishing “Bloomberg Insider,” a daily magazine, during the Republican and Democratic Conventions. The slick publication is running hard-hitting articles and commentary and will be distributed at no charge at each convention as well as in the Washington, DC area.

As an example of the type of reporting typical in Bloomberg Insider, the August 29 cover story, entitled “SuperPachyderm,” carries the subhead, “A few mega-donors are investing millions in the Romney campaign. What do they want in return?” The article discusses financial contributions made by Sheldon Adelson, Harold Simmons, and David and Charles Koch, among others. The magazine concentrates heavily on news related to the Republican Convention, but it includes other political stories as well. It is published in partnership with the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

While the August 29 issue carries a few outside ads, Bloomberg’s own properties, including Bloomberg Television, are prominently promoted. In fact, Bloomberg Insider editor Tim Franklin told Women’s Wear Daily that the publication is designed to “elevate the visibility of Bloomberg and showcase all the various resources we have. …It’s one thing to have a Web site or an app; it’s another to put a printed copy under someone’s nose.”

Bloomberg does have a lot of brands to pitch. In addition to owning Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Businessweek, and operating its own news service, the media conglomerate offers specialized products that target the Washington political scene, including paid services Bloomberg Government and Bloomberg BNA. [more]

Bloomberg Government, aka “BGov,” launched early this year and is a subscription-based service that government-watchers can customize to their needs. According to Bloomberg, BGov “collects best-in-class data, provides high-end analysis and analytic tools, and delivers deep, reliable, timely and unbiased from a team of more than 2,300 journalists and multimedia specialists worldwide.” Several of the articles in Bloomberg Insider indicate Bloomberg Government as the primary source.

Bloomberg BNA is a subsidiary that provides legal, regulatory, and business information for professionals. It covers such topic areas as tax and accounting, labor and employment, intellectual property, banking and securities, health care, privacy and data security, and environment, health and safety. The service publishes a wide variety of reports, newsletters, guides, and books and also sponsors live conferences and webinars.

Bloomberg is also using Bloomberg Insider to generate awareness for “Bloomberg View,” an editorial/op-ed section that runs on Some Bloomberg View columnists appear in Bloomberg Insider.

So it turns out that Bloomberg Insider is not just a “convention special” — it’s also a savvy marketing showcase for Bloomberg brands that the company wants to boost to a select audience.


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