Polish This Apple: Cupertino No Fan of Grocer’s Special


Any other major brand, Apple is vigilant about protecting its trademark and image around the world. But sometimes things can go a teensy bit too far, such as when Kellogg threatened to sue a small nonprofit because it used a toucan that looked nothing like Froot Loops’ Toucan Sam for its logo.

Kellogg eventually backed off and contrite. Apple, as if it didn’t have enough to keep it busy, has started the process on what could end up being a similarly silly case. What’s caught the company’s attention is an online grocery in Poland (a “delikatesy internetowe”) that uses the URL A.pl (get it?), according to Reuters. 

Apple isn’t just unhappy with the site’s name. It also claims that the grocery copied “one of Apple’s icons to its logo and (is) riding its coattails to win customers,” Reuters reports.[more]

A.pl, of course, has other thoughts on the subject. A.pl chief executive Radoslaw Celinski told the wire service, “The accusation is ludicrous.” After all, it’s hard to imagine anyone will associate a brand famed for its computers with kielbasa.

Meanwhile, Apple has also now officially trademarked its logo for social networking. Apple’s social-networking site Ping will be ending when the new iTunes arrives, according to patentlyapple.com, but it will continue to remain partners with Twitter and Facebook to showcase its products and services in social-media settings. 


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