GE Takes Buzzfeed on a Trip Down Memory Lane


Nostalgia is the new new as old ad icons, logos and brand-related memorabilia are making a comeback. (Exhibit A: General Mills reviving the Cheerios Kid and Jolly Green Giant). It’s not just consumer packaged goods giants, and Giants, who are stepping out of a time machine, either.

In one of the more interested branded content moves we’ve seen recently, Buzzfeed has partnered with GE as presenting sponsor for “The BuzzFeed Time Machine,” which re-skins pages to reflect a chosen decade and what its coverage and ads would have looked like then.

Elsewhere on the site, there’s GE Rewind, a digital trip down memory lane, and “Then and Again,” a GE-sponsored channel inviting users to upload an old and new image side-by-side to show the evolution of their lives and likes through the years.[more]

“We see nostalgia as a fun way to look at the progress we’ve made over the years,” commented Paul Marcum, GE’s director of global digital marketing & programming, to Ad Age. “Many of the innovative technologies we’re developing now have roots that go back decades and we’re excited to see their stories shared.” 

Storytelling builds on a core theme of “GE Works,” a branding campaign that featured employee innovation in commercials that ran during the Super Bowl in February and the London 2012 Olympics coverage on NBC. The GE Works messaging is transforming GE’s global HQ in Fairfield, CT, linking the brand’s storied past to its dynamic future.


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