Livestrong Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Nike Limited Edition Collection


Lance Armstrong came back from his deathbed to win one of the most grueling races in sports, the Tour de France, seven straight times. Along the way, he inspired a kazillion folks with his autobiography, It’s Not About the Bike, and by founding one of the biggest cancer-research foundations around, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

While Armstrong supposedly took performance-enhancing drugs during the time of those races and has seen his personal brand take a huge hit, with results from that time period now wiped from his record and his sports legacy in tatters, but many fans don’t seem to care: Lance Armstrong is Lance Armstrong, one of the world’s most incredible athletes with one of the most incredible recovery tales.

So, after a rough year of dealing with those drug allegations and watching his record get wiped clean, the 41-year-old got to celebrate on Oct. 2nd. A highlight of the Foundation’s 15th anniversary (that’s the crystal anniversary for you married folks out there) is the release of a limited edition line of Livestrong apparel by Nike for the holidays. The all-yellow (of course) gear reflects Nike’s continued support of the philanthropic organization that Armstrong launched in 1997.[more]

The yellow Livestrong bracelets are only eight years old and were cooked up by Nike and ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. Since their introduction, more than 84 million of have been sold, which has meant $100 million for the foundation. Overall, the organization has raised nearly $500 million for cancer research, the Guardian reports.

As the Guardian points out, it doesn’t appear that the Foundation has been too affected by Armstrong’s personal troubles this year. Nike, meanwhile, is now selling the Livestrong collection online and in-store in a bid to raise awareness for Armstrong’s mission:

Nike LIVESTRONG supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s goals of making cancer a global priority, reducing the stigma of the disease, and making access to care a reality for all survivors. While one in three people will be diagnosed, any one of us can join the fight.


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