Go MU! Go MU! Pixar is Now Recruiting for Monsters University


As a viral marketing ploy for the upcoming film Monsters University, Disney’s Pixar animation studion has launched a clever website promoting not the movie, but the university that Sully and Mike learned their chops for Monsters Inc. The website is real, but the university (unfortunately) isn’t. This isn’t your normal run of the mill movie website, either — there is plenty of depth and room to explore the world of the movie (which comes out in June) and its campus setting.[more]

Mirroring a typical college or university website, there’s a faculty page, a calendar of events, admissions information, academics, campus life, and an actual store (THIS is real) where you can buy MU merchandise. And if you’re wondering what the campus looks like, they even offer a map.

Student policies? They have that covered too. For example, “No pets are allowed on campus, with the exception of seeing-eye snakes,” and “Career assistance is available for students of all sizes, colors, creeds, and thicknesses. “

The events section features movie night, a football pep rally, and a vocal master class in “Roars and Whispers.”

The academics section lists the different schools of study, and the classes required to graduate each school, complete with testimonials. If you want to graduate the “School of Scaring,” you must first pass Sneaking, Smells and the Other Senses, Scare Appearance, History of Scaring, and more.

Campus life includes a list of sororities and fraternities with some terrific logos: