Harrods Opens Virtual Store Touting Haute Juniors Fashion on Stardoll


Don’t happen to live anywhere near London but want to shop at Harrods, anyway? Well, it appears that you are in luck. Well, at least your avatar is.

Fashion-centric social network Stardoll has partnered with the famed 178-year old, five-acre department store to sell virtual copies of some of its children’s wear to the avatars within the game, Brand Republic reports. The virtual Harrods store features digital replicas of designs by Harrods’ real-world kids’ clothing partners, including Chloe, Junior Gaultier and Rykiel Enfant.[more]

Stardoll members can participate in a contest by making their own Harrods moodboard, such as this example:

While still a bit thin in terms of inventory and brands available to the estimated 200 million Stardoll users around the globe, it’s a potentially huge digital tie-in to woo digital-savvy fashionistas into the Harrods brand (and the adult who’s footing the bill). To engage with Harrods virtually and dress their avatars in the retailer’s designer duds, all they need is between 20 and 28 Stardollars, at a current rate of 400 Stardollars for £4.95 ($7.94). If that’s not enough Harrods for their avatars, they can also press the virtual flesh with the company’s crisp white-shirted brand ambassador avatars, Simon and Fiona.

The appearance of Harrods clothing on the social network comes in conjunction with the store launching two new Junior Collection rooms at its store in London. As Brand Republic points out, Harrods goes out of its way to “maintain the impression of exclusivity” on Stardoll by creating a separate Harrods store on the network instead of including it in the shopping center known as Starplaza where such brands as DKNY and Ugg have a presence.

“Harrods are demonstrating they are forward thinking and innovative marketers who share an in-depth understanding of young people today and how for them their online world is as important and real as the physical one,” said Stephen Molloy, SVP of sales at Stardoll Media, according to Brand Republic.