Google Defies Hurricane Sandy, Hosts Virtual Nexus Launch


Hurricane Sandy may have blown out Google’s planned NYC press reveal of its Nexus family of devices Monday, so new details on the Nexus 4 smartphone, Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 10 slate released by the search giant online.

The search giant’s flagship smartphone is 4.7-inches, runs the newest version of Android, and was made by LG Electronics with input from Google, which claims its quad-core processor makes it the fastest smartphone on the market.

The Nexus 4 will not support LTE as it’s being sold as an unlocked, off-contract phone for $300 globally and LTE is not a uniform standard. The price is a dramatic departure from the norm, represented by the unlocked iPhone 5 which retails at $700.[more]

The keywords for today’s news are “induction coil” according to Venture Beat. “Induction coils are a fun little technology invented by invented by Irish priest and scientist Nicholas Callan in 1836. These coils, made of two insulated copper wires wrapped around an iron core, can transform a low-voltage DC power supply into high-voltage pulses through the magic of electromagnetic fields that are created and that collapse. The coils are currently used in ignition relays in car engines, in camera flashes, and in strobe lights.”

Google also announced new versions of its Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus 10 slate with Samsung as hardware partner available in both 16 GB ($399) and 32 GB ($499) models starting Nov. 13 in the Google Play Store in the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan.

Google Music Match for Google Play is a new feature that reduces the time it takes to upload personal music collections. Available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK on Nov. 13, and the U.S. sometime thereafter, “This is a big deal because it means, just like in the US, Europeans will be able to keep using their existing music libraries with the Google Play Store.”

“It’s a smart way for Google to ensure increased adoption of its cloud service. The new song matching feature is just icing on the cake. The best part is that Google says everything above will be available for free: “free storage of your music, free matching, free syncing across your devices and free listening.” 

Google Play movie purchases are now available in Australia, Canada, France, Spain, and the UK, and a deal with Time Inc. and Warner Music Group completes its deal status with all major record labels globally and all major US magazine publishers. 

T-Mobile, the Nexus 4 U.S. launch partner released these facts on its customers’ usage:

Just three years ago, our smartphone customers consumed on average 25MB of data each month (primarily email). Contrast that with today when, on average, T-Mobile smartphone customers are consuming 847 MB of data each month.

Customers using our fastest, HSPA+ 42 capable smartphones, are averaging nearly 1.6 GB per month (an increase of 11% in < 60 days).

In fact, users of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S III consume an average of 1.8 GB per month (an increase of 14% in < 60 days).

And the final word from Google: “A Nexus device is much more than simply a phone or tablet. It’s your connection to the best of Google—all of your stuff and entertainment, everywhere you go with no hassle…The playground is open.”