ASOS Shoppable Videos Drive Holiday Sales and Brand Engagement


Target isn’t the only retailer testing shoppable videos. British high street emporium ASOS is incorporating interactive, click-to-buy videos as part of its holiday campaign. The Asos global Christmas campaign stars model Charlotte Free (above), British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding and American rapper and fashionista Azealia Banks, all highlighting the brand’s Christmas products.

The campaign is being promoted with the Twitter hashtag, #BestNightEver, and also ties into the ASOS glossy customer magazine. The ASOS Facebook page chimed in, “Renegade supermodel Charlotte Free has come to party at ASOS! Watch her videos, shop her style, and listen to her jamz to get ready for your Best Night Ever. Plus pin your favourite outfit whilst watching for your chance to win. Pin to Win:

As Company magazine notes,

Viewers are encouraged to replicate Charlotte’s signature poses and post them to the ASOS Instagram page – tagged with #BestPoseEver – for entry into a Facebook gallery. Customers will also have the opportunity to guess Charlotte’s stocking-fillers for a chance to win the product. All activity coincides with the December issue of ASOS magazine, with Charlotte holding the cover star position.[more]

The campaign, created in-house with content product partner Future Collective, lets consumers use interactive TV to switch channels and explore different outfits. The Goulding and Banks videos use songs from their latest albums, for example.

As the Racked blog commented, “Some of the successful brands today—just look at the rise and rise of ASOS—recognise that the way to take centre ground in the lives of their customers is through great content, i.e. ‘owned’ media, and not advertising. Yup, Azealia Banks interviews/fashion spreads is the best content. Branding accepted.”

“As a digital brand, ASOS videos are a key part of the engaging customer experience, and (agency) Future Collective – who are efficient, creative and flexible – have been an integral partner as an extension of our in-house team, in helping us to deliver shareable, shoppable content for #BestNightEver over the Christmas peak trading period,” said Fiona Marshall, ASOS head of womenswear marketing, to Campaign.

The Guardian praised Asos for leading the wa with content marketing as a means to drive sales and buzz.

“What their super-smart CEO Nick Robertson realised even back as far as 2006, was that investing in and owning his own media channels was far more valuable that just taking some ads out in Grazia,” notes the Guardian. “The decision to produce and mail 400,000 odd magazines into the homes of their customers was one of the keys to making the brand an essential part of their lives. It also gave Asos the fashion credibility needed to bring onboard the fashion labels who were anxious about the impact that online might have on their own businesses.”

“The secret of content marketing is to connect to the lives and passions of the target audience and not just to see the world through the eyes of the brand, which is natural and inevitable for most if not all in-house content teams.” 

As content moves from a marketing by-product to an economic and brand-driver, “retailers, banks, airlines are rapidly recognising the importance of content to their brands,” the Guardian quotes McKinsey. “It’s a new publishing model, and one that brands may be heading towards even faster than traditional media companies,” according to McKinsey as noted in the Guardian. “So, the time seems right to ask: ‘What is your publishing strategy and who is your brand’s editor-in-chief?'”


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