What’s Your Ology? Walgreens Launches Its Own Eco-Brand


What brand doesn’t want to look environmentally conscious and earth-friendly? And we’re not just talking about the predicted rise in plug-in hybrid cars for Ford and Toyota or the recent increase in vegetarian and vegan businesses. Now mass-market pharmacy Walgreens is getting into the act.

The drug store chain this week launched its own Ology brand that features 25 environmentally friendly products, such as “tissues, toilet paper and paper towels made from bamboo and cane sugar husks instead of tree pulp” as well as “laundry detergent with fewer chemicals than regular brands, shampoos and conditioners for both children and adults, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and glass and all-purpose household cleaners,” according to Crain’s Chicago Business.

“There’s a growing trend of moms and households looking for safer products with fewer chemicals,” Maurice Alkemade, Walgreen’s VP of retail brands and global sourcing, told Crain’s. “A lot of national brands are pushing to take out these chemicals, but we’re the first affordable and widely available line to do it. We believe we can lead and own this platform.”[more]

Sometimes green products can be a little more expensive than those that aren’t but CCB points out that this isn’t the case with Ology, which includes light bulbs and paper products, cleaning and personal care items such as shampoo. It’s now available at Walgreens locations and its Duane Reade chain: “A 50-ounce bottle of Ology detergent, which the label says can handle 33 loads of laundry, goes for $4.99; by comparison, a same-sized bottle of Tide Free & Gentle retails for $8.99.”

Saving money while saving the world. That may be a combo consumers like. But don’t worry, everybody who isn’t interested in saving the earth, your products will remain available as well.


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