Target CMO: Content and Mobile Matters More Than Campaigns


Target recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, but don’t think this retailer is getting old and stuck in its ways. Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Jones, who joined the organization earlier this year, is planning to put a good deal of energy into digital content rather than simply in pushing out marketing campaign after campaign.

“In the past, marketers would make campaigns, they would put them in the world, and they would wait to see what happened,” Jones said in a video released on the brand’s A Bullseye View website and YouTube channel. “In today’s world, it happens hourly. It happens daily. And this is a brand that has such enriched deep content that our guests want to hear from us on. So if we can create content and share content and allow our guests to speak on our behalf, that’s really beneficial for them to deepen their engagement and it helps us amplify our message as well.”[more]

In other words, expect Target to get more active on the storytelling front, such as following singer Josh Groban as he helps with Target’s partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program.

And expect more leading-edge digital narratives, such as Target’s first interactive shoppable film released in October, “Falling For You,” starring Kristen Bell, Nia Long and Zachary Abel. The series consisted of three five-minute webisodes and, of course, integrated seasonal products in the rom-com romp that could be purchased in-store and online.

With free Wi-Fi now available in all its US stores (and don’t forget it’s heading north into Canada), Target is investing a fair amount into getting smarter about making mobile the connective technology for its multichannel marketing and customer experience efforts, abullseyeview notes.

The retailer is using everything from QR codes and mobile gift cards to its state-of-the-art mobile app to increase loyalty and value for their customers. “Ultimately, to be able to engage a brand wherever and whenever you want is where we’re headed,” says Jones.

Find out more about how mobile is helping tell Target’s story this holiday season, below: