Coca-Cola Continues Obesity Rebuttal With New TV Commercial [VIDEO]


Following the US TV debut of its anti-obesity campaign on cable news networks Monday night, Coca-Cola revealed its new anti-obesity commercial in primetime broadcast TV, with the “Be OK” 30-second commercial (watch below) debuting on FOX’s American Idol Wednesday evening and shared on Twitter. According to the Associated Press, this latest commercial will also run before the Super Bowl on CBS.

The spot aims to debunk notions that a can of Coke is high-calorie, with the message that one can of Coke “= 140 happy calories to spend on extra happy activities: 25 minutes of letting your dog be your GPS + 10 minutes of letting your body do the talking [shown over dancing] + 75 seconds of laughing out loud + 1 victory dance. Coca-Cola: 140 calories.”[more]

The fine print on the commercial gives a disclaimer (“Calories burned may vary. For more on energy balance, visit“) before cutting to a can of Coke Zero and the text “Calories optional” and finally the end-slate: Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” graphic and its signature sonic logo.

The URL directs viewers to its Think Positively microsite, where a pop-up landing page with the message greets visitors so they can get “Clear on Calories” and click through to check out the company’s policy on nutrition labeling, among other obesity-related topics. They can also jump off from there to the “Exercise is Medicine” website or to the Coca-Cola Company’s page on “Energy Balance” at its Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness. Your thoughts? Share them below.


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