Jaguar F-Type Gets Its Own Star Turn in Ridley Scott’s Brand Mini-Movie


It’s not exactly James Bond and his Aston-Martin. But British TV star Damian Lewis is just fine with playing a co-lead role with the new Jaguar F-Type sports car in a new promotional mini-movie for the new model.

Called Desire, the film is being made in collaboration with director Ridley Scott and features music by Lana Del Rey. Appearing alongside Golden Globe winner Lewis, who stars stars in Homeland, will be American actress Shannyn Sossamon. Jaguar is slowly revealing aspects of the mini-movie with behind-the-scenes featurettes, the latest of which (above) was posted this week.

The production echoes how BMW innovated in branded content about a decade ago with an online-only series of short films for the web.[more]

Now owned by Tata Motors (after the India-based conglomerate bought the brands from Ford a couple of years ago), Jaguar Land Rover is feeling robust with the new F-Type and other fresh models in the pipeline.

The vehicle combines a low weight with a 340-horsepower engine — and sports-car aerodynamics with traditional Jaguar elegance and luxury. The two-seater 2014 Jaguar F-Type also features a top that can be raised or lowered within 12 seconds while traveling at speds of up to 30 mph.

Still, does Jaguar need to blow movie-production-type cash to get the word out about its new F-Type? Some auto observers think not.

Desire “basically is a star-studded commercial for a car that doesn’t really need promotion,” argued It “belongs to a segment where most of the buyers are enthusiasts. You don’t need to sell them the car; if it’s good, they’ll come after it.”