The Week in China: Monster ‘Year of the Snake’ Edition as Brands Go Wild


From travel services to luxury brands, from toy brands to shoe lines, and from post offices to Heathrow Airport to million dollar armored vehicles, all are leveraging the coming Year of the Snake to appeal to Chinese consumers. And while a comprehensive collection is not possible, we have put together a long visual list of Year of the Snake-branded efforts. [more]

Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau tweets its Year of the Snake festivity preparations.

Latvia’s DARTZ Motorz, a luxury tank manufacturer, is offering something really special for Year of the Snake: “The body of the Black Snake is made from space aluminum using the Soviet ‘kapsula’ technology first employed for Joseph Stalin’s armored car.”

High-end Japense denim brand Evisu released a snakeskin tribute.

For the Year if the Snake, Gucci goes for “Little Emperors.”

Add to the collection of Year of the Snake sneakers we have already covered Jordan’s $300 Year of the Snake pack.

Vans joins ever shoe company everywhere (except Li-Ning and Peak) by releasing a Year of the Snake collection.

Going beyond shoes, Stussy joins the likes of Nike by filling out its Year of the Snake offerings with a garment collection.

For Spring Festival KFC is offering a big bucket of (hopefully not tainted) chicken.

Meanwhile, in The Philippines, commuter trains have been skinned in red snake scales for McDonald’s.

Mac cosmetics is offering a Year of the Snake collection. Medusa anyone?


Alexander McQueen Spring Festival exclusive scarf, Men’s Camouflage Snake Card Holder and Tiger Snake Knucklebox Clutch. While Coach teamed with artist Zhang Lan for limited edition products, including Year of the Snake luggage accessories and cards.

Beer brands Harbin and Budswesier join Pringles for some Year of the Snake festive packaging.

Canada Post issued a Year of the Snake stamp. The USPS also put out a forever stamp commemorating the Year of the Snake. Australia meanwhile released a Year of the Snake one ounce commemorative gold coin. Queen on one side, serpent on the other. The US Department of the Treasury’s Year of the Snake “Lucky Money Collection” pieces are currently sold out.

Starbucks. Snakeskin.


Singapore’s Travel Planner (above) and Bali’s Karma Resorts  are just two of thousands of groups using some snake branding to appeal to Chinese consumers.

Hasbro’s Transformers line released Year of the Snake “Platinum Edition” Omega-Supreme and Optimus Prime toys. Not to be out-played, Lego has its own Year of the Snake set.

Bloomingdales does Year of the Snake too. From a release:

“As a nod to the Chinese red envelope tradition, shoppers at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, North Michigan Avenue, San Francisco Centre, and South Coast Plaza can get in on the fun by picking up their own red envelope from February 7-10, 2013. Select envelopes will be filled with prizes such as a bMoney card in a denomination of $8, $88, or $888 (a traditional lucky number in the culture), a complimentary small Forty Carrots yogurt in a limited-edition Taro Root flavor, a special limited-edition Chinese New Year shopping tote, and more.”

Meanwhile, Bulgari’s 2012 “Serpenti” ad featuring Hollywood star Rachel Weisz is suddenly popping up all over Chinese video sharing sites.

And Bulgari’s snazzy, celebrity-packed events featured snakes everywhere, including a giant crystal serpent attacking the brand’s Manhattan flagship store.

Hong Kong Dinsneyland, where every year is the year of the mouse, is running magical Year of the Snake ads.

Heathrow Airport’s official Year of the Snake greeting video shows the airport knows how its bread gets buttered.

And a teaser for the “Year of the Snake” theme for the new Sleeping Dogs video game.

Finally, with over 100 million views, there is always the celebrity packed, branded short film from Pepsi.