In the News: American Airlines, Apple, Herbalife, PBS and more


Airbus may change battery system in its 350 aircraft to avoid problems faced by Boeing.

American Airlines stands to gain vast route network in looming merger with United Airways.

Apple faces battle over proposed preferred stock.

Michael Bloomberg builds empire in U.K.

Boeing Dreamliner fire was caused by battery short, investigation finds, as Poland’s LOT finds bet on the aircraft turning dicey.

Bud Light Platinum presents Justin Timberlake as its new face.

Conan O’Brien and late-night competitors try bigger stunts to hold on to fans.

Daimler sees flat earnings this year as Europe and China mar results.[more]

Facebook nears deal to buy Atlas from Microsoft.

Ford drives to the fore in brand-loyalty measurement.

H-P directs China suppliers to limit student labor.

Herbalife faces more questions from hedge fund owner.

LinkedIn sees profits soar as membership balloons.

PBS gives Downton Abbey advertisers more time online.

YouTube sees more illegal downloads of full-length movies.



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