MTV Woos Indian Teens With Co-Branded ‘Fablet’ Smartphone


Since MTV aired “Video Killed the Radio Star” back in August of 1981, the company has gotten into plenty of things that haven’t involved music at all, from asking its viewers to “Rock the Vote” to exposing the world to the somehow fascinating mundane dramas of young adults on the Jersey shore

Now, Viacom’s MTV Networks International is getting into another business: selling branded tablets in India. Or, as the Telecom Tiger puts it, fablets (presumably, a more fab version of phablets). MTV has announced a partnership with Swipe Telecom to produce a co-branded fablet, MTV Volt.

The 6-inch smartphone features a television screen so people can get their MTV wherever they are. The youth-centric device will also serve as, “a fully functional high-definition Android tablet with Wi-Fi, dual cameras, FM player and GPS functionality,” that weighs half a pound and retails for around 12,999 Rupees or $240, Telecom Tiger reports. And, of course, built-in apps allow users to get right onto Facebook and LinkedIn.[more]

“The MTV Volt promises to be a perfect muse for tech enthusiasts of the generation next,” stated Shripal Gandhi, Founder & CEO, Swipe Telecom. “In partnership with MTV, we will be launching an array of revolutionary products over the next few quarters, which will be truly disruptive.”

“MTV Volt is a ‘made to order’ product for the generation that’s constantly communicating, entertaining and socializing,” added Sandeep Dahiya, senior vice president and business head of consumer products at Viacom18, a 50/50 joint venture between Viacom and India’s Network18 Group.

And why not? Swipe and MTV say the compound annual growth rate of tablets in India is 59%. Apple couldn’t produce enough iPad minis to satisfy the demand last quarter, so the partners are diving in with this “fablet” and planning to develop a whole line along with smartphones, all “built around youth interests and aspirations.”