Celebrity Brand Match: Heidi Klum, David Beckham, Justin Bieber and more


New Grownup Burger Recalls Grownup Film Moment

The words burger, Heidi Klum and bourbon aren’t generally found in the same sentence, but that’s changed now that Carl’s Jr. will become the first fast-food chain to release a burger branded by a liquor. The Jim Beam Bourbon burger will start being sold Monday night and to celebrate the moment, the chain has turned out a sexy ad featuring supermodel/businesswoman Heidi Klum reprising one of American film’s sexiest characters, The Graduate’s Mrs. Robinson.

In it, Klum seduces the camera and her naïve young male costar while chowing down on a massive Jim Beam burger. (Don’t worry, teetotalers. Unlike the famed Mrs. Robinson, the burger is alcohol-free.)[more]

“Higher-end restaurants have long served menu items flavored with branded spirits but, until now, they had yet to find their way onto fast food menus and we considered it our mission to change that,” said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, according to a release. “The sweet, smoky flavors of Jim Beam bourbon go really well with the great taste of a charbroiled burger, and the folks at Jim Beam were just as excited about the pairing as we were.”

Sexing up chowing down can get messy, as witnessed in a “making of” video, but Klum seems to have enjoyed the experience: “I’m not sure who had more touch-ups—me with the hair and lip gloss or the Bourbon Burger with the readjusting of the lettuce, spritzing of the tomatoes and fluffing of the bun,” she said.

David Beckham Prompts PSG Rebrand, Wows/Woos/Whoops! in China

Back in January, Paris Saint-Germain shelled out £3.4million ($5.2 million) to soccer legend David Beckham (who is turning it all over to a children’s charity) for him to play ball for them for the rest of the season. He may be gone soon enough, but the team is taking the opportunity to rebrand itself while he’s onboard.

Qatar Sports Investment recently took over the club and isn’t just sinking massive dough into bringing in players like Beckham. “The stadium is being renovated, a new training centre created, the infrastructure improved, an academy for training local talent founded and the funds for the PSG Foundation tripled,” according to Britain’s CreativeReview.co.

Along with all that came a new logo for the team that will likely lose a part that’s been with it since 1972 (except for a four-year, mid-90s stretch): a baby’s cradle that represents the birthplace of King Louis XIV.

Some fans weren’t thrilled with the redesign, particularly the new coloring, but the team is soldiering on, just as Becks is, with another rebranding effort that he’s attached himself to via PSG: Chinese footie.

While international club football teams take a break for World Cup qualifiers, he’s on a five-day tour of China to help revive its image and has so far unveiled a massive Chinese tattoo on his torso that translates to “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven,” kicked the ball around with youngsters, and fell on his butt demonstrating a free kick.

While it appears that Beckham is having a grand old time, it remains unclear if he can really help turn the image around of Chinese football, which the Guardian calls “an enterprise so burdened by corruption and general ineptitude that even official media treat it as an embarrassment.”

Back in February, 12 clubs and 58 current and former officials, players and refs were punished for match-fixing and bribery over the last 10 years. A few smiles from Beckham may not be enough.

“I think they have tried everything to sort out China’s football problems and they can’t think of any solutions, so they are trying to divert attention by bringing Beckham in,” said Rowan Simons, the author of Bamboo Goalposts, a memoir about two decades of coaching and playing football in China, the Guardian reports. Only time will tell.

Adidas Looks to Justin Bieber to Reach Teens

Justin Bieber turned 19 on March 1 and the grownup version of himself is a little different from the fresh faced youngster that a good chunk of female record buyers fell for back in 2009 when his first EP came out. 

During one week recently, Bieber got booed by fans when he arrived late for a concert and, a few days later, “struggled with his breathing and fainted backstage at a London show, was taken to a hospital and then was caught on camera clashing with a paparazzo,” the Associated Press reports. This all came on the heels of pics of Bieber smoking pot making rounds on the Internet.

Bieber may have apologized for the pot-smoking images, but he seems to be heading into another level of celebrity where he takes his Beliebers a little too much for granted and that’s not a good sign for Adidas, which signed Bieber on to be the Global Style Icon for its NEO line back in October. Last week the label released a new lookbook featuring Bieber trying to look tough and cool while wearing the apparel.

The brand also signed Beiber’s ex Selena Gomez as a style icon back in November… awkward!

NBA Star Goes High End on Watch Deal

The Los Angeles Lakers have a deal with Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot and now the current star of the iconic (yet struggling) team, Kobe Bryant, has a deal with them to show off the timepieces that average between $20,000 and $30,000. Chump change for Kobe.

New Honest App Will Help New Parents Overshare

Actress Jessica Alba has gone all in on motherhood, recently releasing a book, “The Honest Life,” about how to create a healthy environment for kids. Now her year-old company, The Honest Company, has released a new app, HonestBaby, that lets parents “monitor their child’s development, growth, and activity” in such areas as feeding, sleep, growth and diapers. Start getting ready for those fascinating status updates, non-parents.

Gwyneth Paltrow Dons Lot78

Every star is looking to make a few extra bucks and Gwyneth Paltrow is no exception. Consumers can now witness her wearing the urban apparel of Lot78 and the company surely hopes folks will then order themselves the look, too. 

Miranda Kerr Splits From David Jones

After five years as the brand ambassador for David Jones, 29-year-old Australian model Miranda Kerr is moving on because “contract negotiations reportedly fell through.” Another Australian model, Jessica Gomes, is apparently happy with the terms offered. She’s signed on to be the new clear-skinned face of the brand.

Kidman Wants You to Notice Her Watch

The first thing people notice about Nicole Kidman isn’t likely her watch, but she’s lent her name and her elegant come-hither looks to a new commercial for the Omega Ladymatic.

Manny Pacquiao Joining Jordan Brand?

Welterweight boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is as beloved in his home country of the Philippines as Michael Jordan was during his days leading the Chicago Bulls to six national championships. Now the word from Forbes is that the pair are close to pairing up with a deal that’ll help Pacquiao pad the $6 million he already made out of the ring last year.

Michelle Wie Helps Kia Hand Over a Car

U.S.-born golf star Michelle Wie may have just renounced the South Korean citizenship she was born with, but that hasn’t stopped her from being the brand ambassador for South Korean automaker Kia. She just took part in a ceremony to donate a 2014 Kia Sorento CUV to a program at California Army Base Camp Pendleton that “provides free mentoring and tutoring to at-risk elementary-aged children of military families” there.

Reggie Watts Wants to Save Your Money (and the World)

Comedian and musician Reggie Watts is happy to charge you money to see one of his shows, but he’d like to save you some cash in another way while also helping to save the world. Watts lends his voice to “The Price of Carbon,” a video from Al Gore’s advocacy group, Climate Reality Project, that aims to show consumers just how a poor environment is taking money directly from their wallets.


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