Diet Pepsi Teams Up with Vern Yip for Limited Edition Designer Mini Cans


Converging with a major trend in branding, Diet Pepsi asked HGTV star designer Vern Yip to come up with a new limited-edition mini-can that will invite consumers to “Sip in Style” this spring. The soon-to-hit shelves can continues the brands’ multi-platform “Love Every Sip” campaign that has starred Sofia Vergara in TV ads.

While arguably Yip comprises only a “light” instance of the phenomenon, Diet Pepsi’s collaboration with him also adds to the growing number of partnerships between celebrities and brands to fill or originate “creative director” spots, including Alicia Keys and BlackBerry, Swizz Beatz and Reebok, Marc Jacobs and Diet Coke, Polaroid and Lady Gaga, Bud Light Platinum and Justin Timberlake and Intel and[more]

Yip made his name during four seasons on the hit show Trading Spaces and is shooting a new HGTV show titled Live in Vern’s House that is set to premiere next year, among other exposures for the designer.[more]

The variegated “trellis” design on the cans features what the brand called an “on-trend peacock which can be found everywhere this spring, from the set of the upcoming The Great Gatsby movie to the latest home decor accents.” It also reflects a dusk blue color featured in Pantone’s spring fashion and color report, complementing the Diet Pepsi logo.

The Yip collaboration also continues Diet Pepsi’s initiative to establish partnerships with what it calls “attainable designers who align to the key passion points of its consumer base, particularly within the home, entertaining and design space, and who keep the focus on the product, unlike [Diet Pepsi’s] competitors.”

Sounds like a dig at Diet Coke and its work with Jacobs, who already has appeared shirtless in spots for the brand in advance of the appearance of new cans, bottles and ad campaigns to which he is contributing.

Previously, Diet Pepsi collaborated with Jonathan Adler, who designed limited-edition straws for Target. Yip also has designed some accompanying coasters for his Diet Pepsi can.