April Fools’ Day: Brands Show Off Their Funny Side on Social Media


Happy April Fool’s Day! If you thought your favorite brands were too serious and focused on great products and innovation to have a laugh or two, think again. Here’s a roundup of some social media jokes from YouTube, Honda, Twitter and even the little town of Ely, Minn. 

Be honest: did you fall for any of them?[more]

YouTube’s real purpose: to find the best video in the world

After an 8-year-long quest, YouTube is ready to announce the world’s best video after viewing billions upon billions of them.

Scope bacon mouthwash

Twitter announces two-tiered service

Users can opt to user the free service, Twttr, but only get to use consonants in their tweets. For $5 a month, get the premium Twitter, which includes vowels. 

Google Maps can help you find treasure, too

Introducing HondaHair, an in-car haircut service:

Aer Lingus announces new customer service initiatives:

Facebook and Twitter now available in China

Former Google China chief Kai-fu Lee, posted on Sina Weibo that Facebook and Twitter—both blocked by “China’s Great Firewall”—were now available. The post read: “You can now get on Facebook and Twitter in China! No need to jump over the wall! The image below will tell you how!” 

Attached was a thumbnail image showing the Facebook and Twitter logos with a small line of text underneath. Users who clicked the image to expand it quickly discovered the joke: “I’m in Tapei I’m in Taipei I’m in Taipei,” the text read. “Happy April Fool’s Day!”

Durex UK introduces sex noise-cancelling headphones

Ely, Minnesota puts a ban on all social media

Introducing the all new (but still the same) Gmail Blue

UK’s Roy-Owl Mail delivers your letters Hogwarts style

Martin Guitar issues new piece for gamers

Verizon Fios looks to appeal to even the trendiest of customers with Verizon Fios Hipster

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