Nike Sells Shoes Via Virtual Reality


When people buy shoes, they generally want to take a look at the actual product and put them on their actual feet, but Nike is trying something new that may have folks at least asking for the shoe before ever seeing the real deal.

Nike is using holographs in three different areas of Amsterdam to generate interest in its new Nike Free 5.0 running shoes. Welcome to the future of marketing. Who needs reality?[more]

“Shown rotating in virtual space, the shoe twists and rolls with realistic effect as pedestrians walk by,” reports. “The hologram’s motion can be seen from all sides thanks to the transparent cube display.”

Nike has used holograms in its marketing before. Back in October of 2011, Nike introduced its Carmelo Anthony-branded Jordan Melo M8 with an awesome laser light and holographic show on the Hudson River in New York City. 

The new marketing push was partially put together by Holocube, a European company that specializes in holographic displays.


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