Mondelez Fast-Tracks Mobile Marketing Solutions


Mondelez International’s first-of-its-kind Mobile Futures Network is teaming brands with top entrepreneurial minds to bring pilots to market in as little as 90 days. 

“The Mobile Futures program has been an extraordinary experience for all of us at Mondelez International,” said Bonin Bough, vice president of global media and consumer engagement. “It has given us the opportunity to work with and learn from leading mobile innovators to enhance how we engage with our consumers.” 

The pilots, focused on mobile-at-retail, social TV and SoLoMo (social/ location/ mobile) technology to enhance consumer experiences and drive impulse purchases have launched across multiple brands under the Mondelez umbrella. The global company hopes that the service-y and social tie-ins will help build brand relevance beyond obvious user engagements for brands like Chips Ahoy! and Stride Gum.[more]

So far, the pilots launched have included:

– Stride gum and Waze launched a crowd-sourced traffic/navigation app that delivers coupons for Stride gum at nearby retailers. 

– Chips Ahoy! and created a  brand page with video content from Tongal, a social content development start-up, that offered college students March Madness footage in a custom, interactive Chips Ahoy! environment (“The Sweetest Bracket” program).

– Nabisco’s Wheat Thins, Ritz, Chips Ahoy! and Oreo partnered with Endorse to leverage the platform and its users’ loyalty to incentivize purchase during the NCAA March Madness tournament.

– Halls and mobile app Dailybreak created a custom gaming challenge that introduces consumers to the brand’s suite of products with their cooling benefits. 

– Trident gum leveraged Roximity’s place-based proximity notification technology and database to drive impulse purchases, sending a radius-based alert with a Trident offer via SMS or mobile app (or in their Ford SYNC AppLink-equipped vehicles), redeemable via mobile device with a personalized barcode for Trident products.

– Trident is working with Lisnr to give consumers exclusive music content via TV and social media. 

– Sour Patch Kids and Kiip, a mobile network for in-app achievement rewards, delivers rewards to consumers in brand-unique places and moments. 

– Oreo is working with Banjo, a SoLoMo app that curates social feeds based on location to create streams of real-time, social content. 

– BelVita Breakfast Biscuits partnered with inMarket, a startup in developing mobile apps used in-store and at-shelf, to understand the impact of mobile technology on shopping conversion. 

“Mobile Futures is a truly unique opportunity to infuse the start-up entrepreneurial spirit into our organization. With this second phase, we’re going beyond launching pilots to create entirely new mobile ventures,” Bough said in a release. “This is where our brand teams get to truly act like start-ups and help deliver on our mobile-first strategy.”

While Mondelez is getting attention for its quick turnaround, other companies and brands have jumped on the incubator bandwagon including PepsiCo (Bough’s previous employer), Unilever, Nike, BMW, AT&T, Lexus and Target.

In March, Target announced a contest, “Co. Labs & Target Retail Accelerator,” that dangles a $75,000 prize to whoever develops the best new mobile experience for the company. Nike Accelerator’s mobile development incubator, announced late last year, recently awarded $20,000 to 10 different startups that will build apps for its Nike+ products. The hope, CNET reports, is “to create a platform in much the same way that Apple has created a platform with iTunes and Microsoft with Windows.” And Walmart’s Get on the Shelf initiative was a big hit for the retailer last year, allowing everyday inventors a chance to have their product featured on the retailer’s shelves and online. 

GE recently took a different approach with a partnership with Quirky, an online social network of sorts for inventors. GE is planning to license thousands of its patents to Quirky users for product development, with a handful being selected for big-market production.


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