Crystal Light Launches Own E-Commerce Site


Kraft Food Group’s Crystal Light is open for business online as the brand launches its first e-commerce platform, As more consumers shop online, niche brands like Crystal Light are establishing beachheads for easy access, mindshare and money.

“For years we have heard for some of our most loyal fans that they want easier access to the flavors they love, especially Crystal Light Pure,” said Adam Butler, Senior Brand Manager for Crystal Light in a release. “This new e-commerce platform enables us to make a wide variety of unique flavors and varieties readily available to fans anywhere in the country.”[more] opens with 20 different SKUs from four different platforms, including Base (8 flavors), Pure (5 flavors), Mocktails (5 flavors) and Energy (4 flavors) varieties, plus products available exclusively including Mocktails Peach Bellini and Mocktails Pomtini, and Crystal Light Pure, a line with no artificial sweeteners, which is available nationwide for the first time. 

After Kraft hit it big with its squeezable liquid drink flavor MiO, the brand carried over the technology to Crystal Light. The zero-calorie drink mixer became available in February. 

The brand is offering several promotions for the e-commerce site’s visitors, including free shipping on first purchases, as well as discounts for friends and returning customers.