Trader Joe’s Under Fire for Selling GMOs, Lead-Laced Candy


It hasn’t been a good year for meat eaters. Dozens of reports of horse meat being marketed as beef streaked across Europe, affecting retailers like Bird’s Eye, Taco Bell, Ikea and Tesco. Most recently, six people have died in China from an avian flu outbreak, which led to the execution of thousands of chickens and has ultimately caused Chinese consumers to swear off poultry, dragging down grocers and QSR chains like KFC, which have seen double digit declines in sales

However, the meat wars aren’t over. Trader Joe’s is now the focus of an effort by the Consumers Union, which took the grocer to task with a full-page ad in The Los Angeles Times saying that the company is “selling meat from animals fed a steady stream of antibiotics,” the L.A. Times reports.

The funky grocer, whose majority of products are private label brands (its own) responded, noting that it “also sells a selection of antibiotic-free chicken, beef, turkey, ham and lamb,” and that it “also offers private label goods that shun genetically engineered ingredients.” However, Consumers Union, which publishes Consumer Reports magazine, says that the privately owned grocer has refused to meet to discuss the issue.[more]

If that wasn’t enough, Trader’s Joes was also named in a lawsuit in California by the state Attorney General last week, along with Whole Foods, Target, 99 Ranch Marke, and others, for selling ginger and plum candies that contain lead without properly marking the packaging in order to inform customers, The Huffington Post reports. Those who don’t follow the law that requires warning labels on such products could be fined up to $2,500 a day for each violation.


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