GE’s Wonderground Game is Latest Collaboration with BuzzFeed


In its latest collaboration with BuzzFeed, GE’s Wonderground allows users to explore five US cities via virtual tours, offering up bites of interesting trivia along the way. The multi-platform game avaialble via iOS or online makes use of the media site’s photo content pages in order to immerse users in an eye-opening look through science, design and industrial technology. 

The game lets users explore New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, in which fun facts like “LAX is the 3rd busiest airport in the United States,” and “the Getty Museum hires goats each spring to eat away at brush around the hills of the building,” which are featured in the L.A. video, voiced by BuzzFeed’s EVP Video, Ze Frank, with the headline, “See what others miss.”[more]

Players are given a mission in one of the five cities, scanning the area in a 360-degree panorama mimicking the display on a mobile phone. Each clue solved is rewarded with a bite of trivia about the city that converts to tweet-sized information bits that players can share. Each clue has its own panorama and there are about 40 clues in each of the launch cities. 

The Wonderground app is narrated by futurist/filmmaker Jason Silva, and while no mention is made of GE technology per se, the connection is clear. “That GE brings technology, and scientific progress to cities around the world is really what the game’s about,” Jon Steinberg, president of BuzzFeed told MediaPost. 

Consistent with GE’s 10-year-old “Imagination at Work” campaign, Wonderground is a collaboration with marketing agency Noise whose rep said the app will eventually include challenges submitted by users along with their own videos and photos to be reviewed and potentially added to the game. “Sometimes it just feels like there isn’t all that much wonder left here at home,” says Frank in the video. “But maybe that’s the challenge, to find wonder right where you are.” 


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