Barbasol Capitalizes on Iconic Brand with New Merchandise


Back in January, iconic shaving brand Barbasol launched its “Shave Like a Man” ad campaign, rolling out humorous commercials such as one that features a US soldier in World War II who proclaims that he’s proud to fight so his kids will be able to tweet someday. Another features an old-time baseball player who is in the middle of pitching 17 innings after a breakfast of chipped beef and Scotch. He pokes fun at today’s baseball fans who need to nap after watching the game. “If you’re not going to play like a man, can you at least shave like a man?” he asks.

It was the first new campaign from the 94-year-old brand in five years and it is apparently paying off. Jill Crumbacher, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Barbasol, told the Columbus Business Journal that the response to the ads “has been great and has generated more than 120,000 visits to the brand’s website.”[more]

As a result, Perio Inc., which has owned Barbasol since 2001, is releasing a line of Barbasol T-shirts, the Journal reports. Some of the shirts are fairly straightforward while others play on the campaign’s comedic tone. One reads, “It’s like America on your face.”

“We thought, ‘Hey, there might be people passionate enough about our brand that they may want to wear it,” Crumbacher said, the Journal reports. “We always knew people were interested in Barbasol as a classic brand. This seemed like a good way to show that off.”

In addition, Barbasol has also gone under its first redesign in 20 years. In June, consumers will find a new Barbasol bottle on store shelves with an updated logo, a more prominent “Made in USA” and the addition of the tag “Est. 1919.”