Bloomberg Businessweek Gets Pushy with New Campaign Targeting Millennials


It’s graduation time and many of those college graduates are moving back in with their original roommates—their parents.

Bloomberg Businessweek is targeting twenty-somethings with a campaign encouraging those ‘boomerang kids’ to head-out on their own with the lure of a one-year subscription to the magazine. The “Bloomberg Businessweek Gets You Ahead” campaign website offers 42 e-gift cards that parents and friends can send to Gen Y-ers still living at home for an added kick in the behind—and a good laugh.[more]

The cards are designed to be sent with 12 free issues of Bloomberg Businessweek, either in print or on the iPad, and physical renderings are available at stationery chain Papyrus. 

According to The Pew Research Center, “The share of Americans living in multi-generational family households is the highest it has been since the 1950s, having increased significantly in the past five years. Adults ages 25 to 34 are among the most likely to be living in multi-generational households: In 2010, 21.6% lived in this type of household, up from 15.8% in 2000 (the vast majority were living with their parents).”

A Bloomberg Businessweek rep said the 18 to 31 target demographic that’s living at home is a “growing demo” and the campaign “is not too subtle, and that’s what we liked about it.” A recent Time cover focused on millennials, labeling them “entitled narcissists,” which quickly spiraled into an internet meme

One thing’s for sure, Bloomberg’s ‘Gets You Ahead’ campaign is a welcome departure from the usual “get 12 issues for the price of 6” and if nothing, it may at least get more millennials reading. 


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