All the News You Can Drink: Mike’s Hard Goes After Men, Vulcan Beer, Harley High Life and more


Mike’s Hard Looking For More Love

Lemonade is generally considered something for the summertime and even just for picnics, so Mike’s Hard Lemonade, after 14 years on the market, is aiming to inform consumers that there are plenty of other times to drink the stuff, too. The brand’s new campaign features offbeat commercials that are set in traditionally beer-drinking locales and end with the tagline “It’s never not a good time for a Mike’s Lemonade.”

“We’re looking at a traditional beer consumer, which is a natural fit for Mike’s,” Sanjiv Gajiwala, the director of marketing for Mike’s, told The New York Times. The brand has its work cut out for it since research has shown that 21 percent of men “would not want to be seen” holding a fruity malt beverage while only 11 percent of women felt the same way, MSN reports.

The brand will spend between $15 million and $20 million on the campaign, up from its overall 2012 advertising budget of $13.3 million, the Times notes.[more]

New Branded Brews for Trekkies

Any Vulcan would tell you that it is logical. When you have this many fans of something, the logical thing to do is market products to them relentlessly. And so the folks behind the “Star Trek” films are doing just that.

Next up is a series of brews, starting with Vulcan Ale, a Red Irish Ale (because the planet Vulcan is red, silly). 

NBC News reports that Vulcan “is the first in a series of Star Trek themed beers being distributed under a licensing agreement with CBS Studios.” Each year will see the release of three or four beers that represent episodes from each season of the show. “Season One will be comprised of three to five episodes,” Richard Weger, the project manager for Delancey Direct, which is handling the brew, told NBC. “Vulcan Ale is Episode One, a Klingon beer will be Episode Two, and a third beer yet to be announced will be Episode Three.”

The beers are currently only available in Canada but will be seen in the US next year if everything goes well.

Harley and Miller High Life Team Up

Harley-Davidson and Miller High Life are both celebrating 110 years of existence this year, so the pair whose headquarters are across the street from each other in Milwaukee have teamed up to celebrate with Harley-themed beer cans and Miller-themed cycles. Businessweek reports that “the pact will bring commemorative Harley-Davidson designs to 16 oz High Life cans and the packaging for 12 oz bottles” as well as “150 Harleys decked out in High Life graphics will be given away.”

More Booze News:

– Nearly 30 New Jersey bars, including 11 T.G.I. Friday’s, got busted by a state investigation for serving up well liquor in premium-brand bottles, and charging a premium price. Operation Swill walked away with 1,000 bottles of evidence.  Serving Cheap Liquor in Big Brand Bottles 

– Good luck buying alcohol in Turkey. The government there has “banned alcohol advertising and increased restrictions on alcohol sales” in a new law that still needs presidential approval.

Cruzan Rum is hoping people will slow down a little and sip a lot. To push its message, the company has created the metaphorical island of The Don’t Hurry.

– Canadians who love Guinness are apparently in for a treat. The company has just launched its new Guinness Black Lager in the country and it “combines the roasted barley flavor that Guinness Draught is famous for with a crisp new approach.”

– Nine craft brewers across America have teamed up to create a brew, Homefront IPA, that includes an unfinished Louisville Slugger in its tank as it ferments. It’ll be released on Memorial Day. Part of the proceeds will benefit military families in need of financial assistance.

SAB Miller may have had a rise in sales in its last fiscal year, which ended March 31, but it is warning investors that “weaker demand for lager in the US and volatile markets in Latin America are putting pressure on its beer sales.” Net profit fell 22 percent to $3.27 billion for the year.

– Whiskey is awfully popular these days. Straight American whiskey had a 5.2 percent increase in total production volume last year and that should happen again in 2013. However, there may just not be enough whiskey to fill the demand.

– The drinkers of China and Eastern Europe’s insistence on consuming scotch whisky Johnnie Walker has put it at the top of this year’s list for world’s leading alcoholic drink, knocking Smirnoff aside in the process.

– Google’s new Top Charts track all of the world’s most-searched items. In April, it appears that Jack Daniel’s pretty much kicked the behind of every other whiskey when it came to being searched for. Crown Royal was a distant second.

SKYY Vodka is getting dressed for the summer in what else? A bikini. Swimwear designer L*SPACE Swim has put together an itsy bitsy teenie weenie for a limited-edition bottle. 

Bacardi Rum was founded in Cuba so the brand is playing up the association in a new campaign entitled Vivimos.

– When you win a lot, you drink a lot of champagne, so you might as well endorse a brand, right? Tennis great Roger Federer was in Paris Thursday to fulfill his difficult duties as a Moet & Chandon Global Brand Ambassador.

SAB Miller is making its move in Africa by replacing a lot of the barley malt in its brews with locally grown, inexpensive cassava. The brewer is hoping to put a dent into the fact that three quarters of the alcohol consumed there is home brewed or cheap spirits.

– A new study from a researcher from Harvard and another from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome shows that drinking wine and beer regularly may help folks stave off the pain of kidney stones. What to avoid? Soda.


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