All the News You Can Drink: Constellation Snags Corona, AB InBev Goes Green, Wine in a Can


Constellation Closing Deal to Buy Corona

Now that AB InBev is the proud owner of Mexico’s Grupo Modelo (thanks to a $20.1 billion changing of hands), Constellation Brands is getting to add InBev’s US distribution rights for Corona and other Mexican beers for $5.3 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The transaction, set to close Friday, will make Constellation America’s third-largest beer supplier. With this purchase, “company revenue will double to more than $5 billion, half of it flowing from beer,” the Journal notes.

While mainstream domestic beers like Budweiser and Miller are struggling, imports are doing well, particularly those from Mexico. Five of the top 10 imports came from Mexico last year.[more]

AB InBev Getting Greener

Anheuser-Busch InBev is on a mission to decrease its footprint, announcing Thursday that it plans to reduce its packaging materials by 100,000 tons, the equivalent of about 250 million full cans of beer in the next five years, according to

The plan also has the brewer improving water management at all of its key barley growing regions as well as making sure the watershed is protected at all of its facilities “in key areas,” such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Peru and the US, among other things.

In the last three years, the company claims that it has “increased its recycling rate from 98.2 percent to 99.2 percent for solid waste and byproducts.” Also, 135 of InBev’s 137 plants worldwide have zero-waste-to-landfill status.

Spirit Airlines Serving Up Wine in a Can

Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines already sells mini-bottles of Sutter Home wine on its flights, and it announced that it will offer a new wine in a can for $7 a pop ($12 for two!).Sutter Home comes in 187 ml bottles and is 13 percent alcohol by volume while the new vino will be 250 ml and only 6 percent alcohol by volume.

Part of the joy of the cans for Spirit is that they weigh less than the bottles so it helps lower the flight’s overall weight and, thus, helps the plane get better gas mileage. The cans also stack easily, making them easier to store on the flight, USA Today reports

More Booze News: 

– The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau announced that manufacturers could add nutrition information to wine, beer and liquor bottles “if they wanted to.”

– The battle between Magic Hat and West Sixth Brewing has apparently been resolved, but the two sides haven’t revealed what it is yet. 

– The yen is falling in Japan, which means domestic brews are getting cheaper and imported ones are going up in price. An import from South Africa could cost you $60 for one brew! As a result, analysts are predicting a possible growth in domestic craft beers in Japan.

– Major League Soccer’s D.C. United announced a few weeks ago that it would have its own brewski. The team finally announced its name, The Tradition, and will start serving it up this weekend.

– University of Louisville’s Rick Pitino unveiled a special edition of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, whose sales will benefit a new academic center for the school.

Glenmorangie has released a ‘Spirit of the Open’ gift pack for Father’s Day, which features a golden golf ball, two individually designed ball markers, two limited edition Glenmorangie tumblers, and a bottle of 18-year-old Glenmorangie single malt, a year for each hole on a golf course.