Burberry Teams with Google for New Interactive Kisses Campaign


As luxury brands look to get a better hold on digital-savvy consumers, Burberry has teamed up with Google’s Art, Copy & Code to reimagine beauty advertising. 

The interactive ad, dubbed Burberry Kisses, invites users to send a virtual kiss-sealed letter to someone special. Users take a photo of their pout via the camera on their computer, tablet or mobile device, then add one of five Burberry lipstick colors, write a short note and send via email. The website show’s a map that follows the kiss’ journey and uses street and landmark imagery.[more]

“What we’re really trying to do with the concept is reimagine how luxury marketing is done on the web for Millennials and do it from the lens of beauty products,” said Aman Govil, project lead of the Art, Copy & Code project. 

While luxury beauty products are often chained to the makeup counters in high-end department stores, the Kisses project allows Burberry to show off its younger, more playful side, as well as its digital prowess—all important traits in attracting Millennials eager to spend their dollars. 

“It’s clear that companies like Burberry recognize the importance of digital-advertising campaigns geared toward Web natives,” BusinessWeek notes. “So the brand’s partnership with Google makes sense—even if it doesn’t make much obvious sense for Google.”