Pepsi and Coke Try Out Back-Handed Advertising


Big brands generally want their logos to be in as many places as possible and as obvious as possible, but Pepsi and Coke recently did a bit of counterintuitive marketing that involved a bit of hide and seek.

Germans have been witness to a campaign for Pepsi designed by BBDO Dusseldorf that doesn’t mention the name of the drink and hides the company logo in a sea of what appear to be blue and red blood vessels.[more]

As the San Francisco Chronicle notes, “the message of the ‘Iconic Refreshment’ ads appear to be that Pepsi is in your veins,” though one snarky Redditor said that it reminded folks “that Pepsi is bad for diabetics.” Probably not what BBDO was going for.

The whole stunt is reminiscent of a Coke campaign in Denmark that ran in May. There, arrivals to the country are often welcomed with people waving small Danish flags. McCann Copenhagen came to Coke with the idea of creating a Coke machine to put in the airport that dispensed red-and-white Danish flags (with a Coke logo on them, of course) in such a way that the flags were “hidden” in the Coke logo so that it wasn’t immediately easy to see. Coke gave out 2,400 flags as 25,000 people from 30 countries were greeted.


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