Global Consumers Vary on the Importance of Brand-Focused Shopping


The whole branding industry may be for naught in North America. According to the new Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Shopping Behavior, those residing in North America and Europe are much more concerned about the pricing of a product than its brand. Meanwhile, consumers in the Asia and Asia Pacific regions are impulsive, brand-centric shoppers, while those in the Middle East and Africa tend to consult industry experts for advice on the most famous brands.[more]

Of the 29,000 online respondents, 40 percent of shoppers from the Asia Pacific region said they often buy on a whim things they don’t need, compared to about a third of global respondents, Nielsen discovered. “Indians and Chinese are among the most impulsive and brand image-driven shoppers,” the report claims.

For those shoppers in growth markets, they are “particularly voracious consumers,” the report states, “often exceeding the global average when it came to early adoption, affinity for aspirational brands, researching and deal sensitivity.” In developed nations, shoppers were more skeptical about products and not necessarily concerned with what other consumers were saying or buying. 


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