Green Mountain’s Keurig Threatens Homemade Soda Systems


SodaStream has dominated the home soda-making market for some time, but Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the company behind the Keurig brewer and K-cups is reportedly planning to enter the carbonation market as it has filed a trademark for a machine similar to SodaStream’s, Bloomberg reports

Green Mountain, which already rules the single-serve brewing market, has been attempting to add revenue with the creation of new machines, such as the Bolt, a 64-ounce coffeemaker that brews up a complete pot in two minutes, as well as a cappuccino and latte maker called Rivo. According to the trademark application, the new machine will give consumers the options of making soda, carbonated water, sparkling beverages, or still water.[more]

A gutsy move by Green Mountain, but one had to figure the company was ready to be a little adventurous when it hired Coke bigwig Brian Kelley back in November. “It’s really only the last six years that these two have co-existed and integrated, and that’s where all the magic has been made,” Kelley says of Green Mountain and Keurig, according to Fortune. But now the company is looking to make a lot o magic in other departments as well.

“Over time we have a simple mission, which is to get a brewer in every home and in every place of work, and then have a beverage for every occasion,” Kelley told Fortune. “We know that there’s opportunity for us to use the Keurig brand name and platform to be able to offer more beverages than what we offer today.”

As of the first quarter of 2013, Green Mountain could only be found in 10 percent of American workplaces and one percent of food-service businesses, SeekingAlpha reports. To help reach its expansion goals, the company has formally announced that it is sinking $55 million into its factory in Montreal to “upgrade its roasting facilities, add high-performance packaging lines, renovate its green coffee infrastructure and expand its traditional production portfolio to include new beverages for Keurig brewers,” according to Vending Times.

Meanwhile, SodaStream is looking to expand its brand through licensing, with a new deal wth Whirlpool to jointly create a carbonation system that will be sold under the Kitchen Aid brand but labeled as “powered by SodaStream,” Motley Fool notes


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