Adidas Pop-Up in London has D Rose Fans Jumping—for Sneakers


Whether you’re playing ball on the playground or in an NBA arena, the basket’s rim typically sits 10 feet above ground, a height generally out of reach for average-sized men and women.

Some people, of course, can not only touch that rim but get up above it; a bunch of them are in the NBA, but there are plenty still out in the streets and Adidas and Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose went out to find them.

The shoemaker offered a little bit of incentive for its London pop-up shop to those who could jump the 10 ft. height—if they could reach the new Rose shoes, they could keep them.[more]

It remains to be seen if Rose will ever be able to make that leap again. He hasn’t played in the NBA since he tore a ligament in his knee in 2012—but it hasn’t stopped him from doing his promotional duties for Adidas. 

While it isn’t clear if the D Rose Jump Store will be making an appearance anywhere else, Londoners were quick to participate in the unique promotion. At least one of them—a kid—got a personal boost from Rose to achieve the free-sneakers goal.


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