IKEA Enhances Retail Experience with App-Based Furniture Demo


Never have sofa shock again. IKEA’a 2014 Catalog offers an augmented-reality function that allows consumers to check the size and fit of intended purchases in their own homes—virtually. 

Using an app, consumers can scan a specific product marked with a plus symbol in the print catalog, which then appears through the camera of a smartphone or tablet, allowing consumers to visualize what the piece of furniture will look like in a room.[more]

IKEA created the app after research showed that over 70 percent of customers don’t know the true dimensions of a room, leading 14 percent to purchase wrong-sized furniture. “Our customers want to be able to test out whether the products they’ve been inspired by in our catalog will work in their own home—particularly when it comes to larger pieces of furniture,” said Peter Wright, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA UK and Ireland. “Offering a way of using mobile technology to enable to test products means the technology has a practical purpose and really helps customers visualize the way their homes could look.” 

The app uses the front cover of the catalog as a reference, allowing consumers to place the catalog wherever they’d like to see the furniture appear.  

The updated 2014 Catalog app, available for iOS and Android on August 25th, trials 90 products for now, with details including size, shape, color and positioning, but the company promises to expand the virtual test drive to hundreds of products in the future.