eBay Taps Online Personal Shopper Startup to Boost Fashion Sales


Ever adapting, the retail world is the first to field consumer wants and needs. Now, with the latest fashion trends only a swipe away on mobile devices, retailers are scrambling to adopt the latest practices, particularly personalization.

eBay, which has recently expanded far beyond its roots in online auctions into e-commerce and on-the-go shopping with eBay Now is currently testing a six-month trial with London-based fashion startup Dressipi for its users in the UK. The service provides personalized clothing and accessory recommendations based on shape, size and brand preferences. 

Once users create their Fashion Fingerprint, Dressipi scours eBay for items that fit the users fashion profile, assembling a range of outfits fit for purchase from the site. eBay is also featuring a curated collection of clothes and accessories from Dressipi’s team in its Fashion Gallery.[more]

The service ties in aspects of big data, social media and old-fashioned customer service, delivering what could be the ultimate shopping experience for time-crunched, style-savvy shoppers. But eBay isn’t alone in its shift to “customer-centricity.” Monetate co-founder and CEO David Brussin notes that, “Marketers and sellers everywhere are focused on a big change in commerce that puts the customer at the top of the organizational chart. They used to be at the bottom of a bunch of different channels. Now, the customer is ending up at the top of the organization chart.” 

Most recently, Nordstrom has tapped into its customers’ social personalities by highlighting “top-pinned” items from Pinterest on its racks. Also, more retailers in the US and UK are using facial-recognition technology to help identify high-end clientele, allowing them to offer a completely different level of service before a customer even steps into a dressing room. 


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