InStyle Ventures into Branded Products with Customized Shirts


InStyle is launching its first ever branded product—a shirt, naturally. But it’s not just any shirt. The magazine’s editors worked directly with the founders of TrioFit, a patented sizing system that sizes a shirt by a woman’s bra size, creating a more custom fit than what the usual small, medium and large allows. 

The Time Inc. brand is debuting the new collection, called InStyle Essentials, in its September issue, which will also be the brand’s largest issue ever published at a whopping 716 pages. Consumers can already purchase the classic shirt styles online.[more]

The tech behind the shirts was developed by TrioFit co-founders Rebecca Matchett and Drew Paluba in 2004. “Men have had access to individualized shirt sizing by arm length and neck size for generations. We felt it was time for women to have equal access to great fit,” CEO Matchett said in a press release. “And we all know that properly fitting clothes boosts women’s confidence, and helps them look and feel their best.”

So far, the collection features three styles of classic white, button-front shirts that are available in 30 sizes and are priced at $59.99. 

“We were inspired by our readers,” InStyle’s Deputy Editor Lisa Arbetter told AdAge. “We get a lot of letters from them saying how difficult it can be to find clothing that fits their curves. It is frustrating to try on lots of clothes and find nothing that fits right, and many women start to wonder, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ When we learned about TrioFit we knew it could help a lot of women.”


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