Is This the End of the Tim Tebow Brand? Not Likely


Could it be the end of Tebowmania?

After being cut from the New England Patriot’s roster earlier this week, Tim Tebow, the University of Florida football star, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and creator of a new verb, “Tebowing,” has once again watched his short-lived NFL career fall flat. Now a free agent, it seems as the NFL season will kick-off Thurday without its most recent marketing juggernaut—but is this really the end of Tebow the brand?

While Tebow the NFL star has left much to be desired, the handsome, well-spoken QB has done wonders for the NFL and consumer product brands alike both on and off the field, where he has struggled to succeed since his last starting bid with the Denver Broncos. But the marketing phenomenon that is Tim Tebow has long outlasted his career as a first-string quarterback.[more]

And that’s good news for teams like the New York Jets and New England Patriots, which still has Tebow-branded team gear for sale in its pro shop, including a $100 game day jersey. Despite barely making a memorable appearance on the field last season for the Jets, Tebow’s jersey was the 13th best-selling shirt across the entire NFL, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. From the time that Tebow joined the Patriots in June, Tebow-branded gear has had sales among the top 10 player apparel on—and he was far from a starter.

Tebow, for one, doesn’t seem to mind that he’s still making money for the team that just cut him. After getting axed, he tweeted his thanks and a hopeful message for his own future.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Tebow’s endorsement deals, which span from Nike and Jockey to TiVo and FRS Health Energy. Various NFL commentators have predicted many a fate for the athlete, from motivational speaking to a career with the Canadian Football League—all of which could keep the Tebow brand alive. 

Wherever he goes, it’s best to hang onto your Tebow halloween masks, capes, pillow cases and figurines, as they could be worth a lot of money someday—probably a whole lot more than any memorabilia related to Ryan Mallett, the man who just took the spot on the Patriots’ roster that Tebow thought was reserved for him.