Motorola Will Have Its Moment in the Spotlight with Moto X Fashion Week Appearance


Other smartphones can play up all the technical details of how fast they are and how much data they can hold, but Motorola’s Moto X seems to prefer to sell itself as a fashion accessory. 

New York Fashion Week begins today, and besides fashion’s top design houses, the Google-owned brand will also make its debut on the runway—in the hands of models. The brand has sponsored four designers—Hood by Air, Telfar, En Noir, and Rochambeau—that will show their newest spring lines on Sunday, and at least one of those shows will include an appearance by the Moto X, Ad Age reports

Another Google device, Glass, has made it into the September issue of Vogue, but there’s no word yet if the futuristic spectacles will appear on the runway.[more]

Part of what makes Moto X more fashionable than its competitors is its numorous customization options, with phones coming in a wide wide variety of styles with 360 color choices. Fashion Week partygoers also may find interactive Moto X kiosks that showcase different colored phones depending on what color clothes the person is wearing. The installations will eventually be found at bus stops and malls as well. 

While customization may be a big initial selling point for the Moto X, with options including bamboo backs and engraved messages, it will likely cause an issue for consumers trying to resell their phones after they’re done with them, Wired notes. “Generally we don’t deduct for factory customization, and we tend to offer the [standard] value quoted,” said Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer at global smartphone reseller Gazelle, according to Wired. “But we haven’t seen a product like this, and we don’t know if there’s a secondary market.”

Fashion-conscious consumers looking for the latest trends are looking for just that—trends that come and go, so Moto X may still have a chance of making a big impression on the runway. 


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