Want Some Roasted Edamame with That Beef Jerky? 7-Eleven Goes ‘Healthy’


It may be the last food store where you’d expect to find something healthy to eat. Clogged with energy drinks, candy bars, glazed doughnuts, bags of fat-saturated and salty chips, sugary soft drinks, and beef jerky, the whole point of a convenience store is to satisfy the immediate cravings of a hungry consumer with easy-to-ingest offerings that also offer high margins to the retailer.

Until now, that is. C-store leader 7-Eleven has dabbled with healthier offerings before, but now the Dallas-based chain says that it’s devoting an entire section of some of its stores to healthy snacks including roasted edamame, organic trail mix, veggie chips and a variety of dried fruit and nut blends, according to Food Business News.

“Better-for-you is one of the fastest-growing segments of the snacking category,” noted Rebecca Frechette, a vice president of merchandising for 7-Eleven, according to the publication.[more]

“People are snacking throughout the day, and they’re looking for ways to improve what they eat without sacrificing taste … Our goal was to create a selection of great-tasting, upscale snacks while still providing our guests with value.”

To populate its new better-for-you section, 7-Eleven plans to offer some of its 7-Select store-brand items, including trail mixes and yogurt-covered pretzels, as well as products from other brands including Stacy’s Pita Chips, a PepsiCo brand, Hain Celestial, Popcorn Indiana and Skinny Pop.

7-Eleven noted that most consumers actually eat both indulgent and better-for-you snacks even while expressing preferences for the more nutritional ones. In that sense, the convenience store’s traditional offerings have long reflected Americans’ actual consumption patterns. But as more eating truly shifts in the direction of better-for-you, 7-Eleven must shift that way as well.


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