In the News: Danone, Gap, Whole Foods and more


In the News

Danone accused of bribing hospitals to use its powdered milk in China. 

Gap returns to TV advertising after four years. 

Whole Foods Market plans to open store in low-income Chicago neighborhood.

Absolut launches global “Transform Today” campaign.

Boeing closes in on South Korean fighter-jet deal but Dreamliner runs into more turbulence.

Chili’s plans to install tabletop computer screens.

China Telecom cuts iPhone subsidies. 

Chrysler reluctantly moves toward IPO soon.

Citi hypes double points in New York.[more]

Paula Deen makes first public appearance in three months.

Enterprise National car-rental campaign has mobility message.

McDonald’s falls behind in kiosk race.

Microsoft kicks off iPad buyback deal to spur Surface sales.

Miss New York Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American to be crowned Miss America

Sears seeking $1 billion loan to reduce borrowing costs. 

Sprint will reportedly launch early mobile upgrade plan. 

Twitter looks to have better timing than Facebook for IPO.

United Airlines will honor free tickets sold by mistake. 

Volkswagen execs in America push German parent to place new SUV production in Chattanooga.

Woolworth’s to open smaller, “local” outlets. 

Yoplait introduces yogurt with health labeling.


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