Fox Sports Partners with YouTube to Sell Multi-Format Ads


When the NFL season kicked off a few weeks back, it marked the beginning of a brand new team. Not one on the field, but one in the ad-selling offices of YouTube and Fox Sports.

The pair has joined forces to sell advertising on the Fox Sports YouTube site. The partnership, which was pitched during YouTube’s Digital Content NewFront in May, splits the ad revenue for the page between the two. Burger King is the first sponsor to sign on to the partnership.[more]

The ad partnership allows for sponsors to fill pre-roll video and banner ads on the video site at the same time, while also getting placement within the actual videos, such as how Burger King’s logo adorns the anchor desk of broadcasters, according to Ad Age. BK’s branding can be seen across the Inside Fantasy section on the site. 

While the channel has under 70,000 subscribers—a small amount compared to others—it had more than 22 million views in July and August, something that will surely please sponsors like Burger King, whose deal with the site is based on video views and ad impressions. 

There’s no official word on how the deal is financially constructed but Ad Age reports that “YouTube usually takes a 45 percent cut of ad revenue from premium content partners, but has worked out smaller percentages with some.”

The broadcaster has had a busy few months, kicking off its new Fox Sports 1 channel in August. The YouTube deal doesn’t yet include TV ad spots, but the option is being explored.