MasterCard Moves to Engage with Socially-Tied, Content-Heavy Newsroom


MasterCard is continuing its transformation from a B2B company to a digital firm as it focuses on social interactions to better understand customers and clients, moving from consumer-facing conversation to outright engagement. 

After the successful launch of their Conversation Suite in May, “a real-time focus group” that tracks all mentions of MasterCard and the competition with results displayed on a giant 40 ft. LED screen, the financial services brand is launching The Engagement Bureau, the next iteration of the brand’s news sharing platform.

Along with a redesigned Cashless Pioneers Blog, the revamped newsroom will focus on creating a conversation place and publishing hub for the brand. The newsroom now features real-time tweets that populate at the bottom of the page where all news released by the company will be housed.[more]

“The MasterCard Newsroom used to try to be all things to everyone. Now with the Engagement Bureau we are focused squarely on providing media, influencers and consumers with news in an easy to digest format,” Jennifer Stalzer, VP, Global Digital Communications at MasterCard, told brandchannel. “The change in how media is consumed by the public made our brand ask how can we be a better ‘publisher’ of our news.  It is our responsibility as a brand to ensure that our information is up to date and that we are engaged in the conversation—and as news become easier to consumer and engage with—we as a company, must adapt.” 

The purpose of the new site is to encourage more engagement, promote visual storytelling and conversation and allow for more digital content that can be “created, shared and published real time,” said Stalzer. “In addition, the integration of mobile and social will further enable us to have a strong voice, and it’s a new contract for our PR team to be available to the media and influencers 24/7 via our traditional contact info or our social handles.”

As the world evolves beyond cash with digital payments technology, MasterCard plans to lead the charge in covering the advancement of payments technology through the Cashless Pioneers blog. 

“Overall, the content will be aimed at celebrating individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments—and even employees—around the world who have embraced innovation and payment technology.” The conversations will be monitored by MasterCard’s communications team, who will also be free to engage with users.

Touted as “one of the most successful financial companies to engage in social channels,” by The Financial Brand, MasterCard plans to continue its crusade of social commerce, engaging and forwarding today’s always-on marketplace. 


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