Pinterest Woos Print Brands with ‘Pin Now, Read Later’ Article Pins


At 4 years old, Pinterest is stepping up and out of the photo-centric ‘virtual pinboard’ model it has risen to success with, adding ads in the form of ‘promoted pins,’ and now article pins to woo publishers and readers.  

Pinterest is aggressively seeking to leverage its more than 5 million daily article pins from brands like BuzzFeed for whom the pinboard has become a top traffic referral. The new article pins will give brands the ability to include headlines, authors, story descriptions and links to the source from the pin itself.

“The addition of the more useful article pins is only one of many changes taking place at Pinterest this year, as the company moves to turn its growing traction into a real, monetizable business,” TechCrunch notes. “The move to expand the focus to articles and news content, then, could potentially position Pinterest as a modern-day bookmarking tool akin to Delicious, or even a competitor to ‘read it later’ services like Instapaper or Pocket.”[more]

Those already ‘pinning’ news and articles on the site include the New York Times, Fortune, Time, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Mashable, Food + Wine and more.

“Pinterest is so different than the other social platforms,” said Ross Geisel, director audience development and social media at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, according to “Twitter is about recency and Facebook just sort of altered its algorithm to allow that older stuff to bubble back up. But Pinterest is really about seeing things we haven’t thought of in a while that bubble back up and drive traffic back to the site. You rediscover content over time.”

Hearst brands have uniformly been using Pinterest for several years, with the male-centric Esquire brand amounting 22,000 followers. “Pinterest is probably committed to getting more men on the platform and we want to be there as they do that,” adds Geisel.


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